Serial number information

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This FAQ will give you information on the location of your Avid Studio serial numbers, and how to use your serial number from a previous version to activate an upgrade to Avid Studio.

Finding your serial number

For a product that you downloaded, the serial number is shown on the confirmation page at the end of the ordering process, and in the confirmation email sent at that time.

If you own a physical copy of the product, the serial number is shown on either the inside or the outside of the DVD case, if one is included; and on the outside of the paper sleeve otherwise.

If you have lost your serial number, please check the knowledge base for document 232809, How to replace a lost Studio serial number.

Looking up your customer information

1.    Start by logging in at

2.    Browse to ‘Your Product’.

3.    Choose your products again from the products section.

4.    Your serial number is listed in the ‘Your products’ window that comes up.

Using a serial number when upgrading

You can upgrade to Avid Studio from Studio 14, 12, 11, 10 and 9. To do so you will need the serial number from the old version. The locations listed above to find your serial number are valid for most versions of Studio.

Once you have found your old serial number, start the install. A window will appear asking for both the new and old numbers. Put them in the correct windows and click Next.

Serial number information