Error or crash while installing

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Here are some tips for troubleshooting errors or crashes that could occur while installing Avid Studio.

Specific Errors

Error 1402: If you are getting a 1402 error during installation, please follow the instructions in document 364555 in the knowledge base, Error 1402 on installation.

Error on install “Setup will now abort installation”: If this error occurs during installation, please follow the instructions in knowledge base document 363187, Error on install “Setup will now abort installation”.

General troubleshooting

Here are some further avenues to explore if you are having trouble getting the application to install.

Try cleaning the disc: Inspect the install disc, checking its surface for smudges and dirt. If cleaning is necessary, use a soft cloth, not paper towels or any abrasive material. Wipe from the center of the disc to the outer edge rather than a circular motion. Once the disc is clean, try installing again.

Another optical drive: Many systems have two optical drives; for instance, a DVD burner and a separate DVD reader. Put the disc that won’t install into the other drive, if available, and retry.

Restart the computer: In some cases the installation can crash if Windows Update is running. If that happens, it is best to restart the system as requested by Windows before trying again to install Studio.

Startup tasks/programs: If you are familiar with msconfig, you can use this tool to disable any programs launched at start-up that might be interfering with the Studio installer.

When all else fails

If the disc is damaged with deep scratches or cracks so that it won’t install, please contact support for a replacement. The discs are warranted for 30 days; beyond that time there is a $14.95 charge for replacement discs. Please have your Pinnacle order number or proof of purchase (receipt) from the store available to get a replacement disc.

Error or crash while installing