Contacting support

This is a brief overview on how to contact support. See your support flyer, included with your purchase, for more details.

Forums: Please visit our forums to join the discussion on Avid Studio. Scroll down to find the forum in your desired language:

Knowledge base: Access the knowledge base with your web browser by visiting:

To most effectively search the knowledge base, use the filters to narrow down the number of article results. Select ‘Pinnacle’ in the top-level filter, followed by ‘Avid Studio’ in the second level filter if you want to get more specific.

Each knowledge base article has an associated document ID. When you are referred to a document ID (in the discussion of support issues below, for instance), you can use it as a search term to retrieve that particular information. Select ‘Document ID’ in the Search by list on the Avid Knowledge Base search form, enter the ID in the Type your question box, then click Search.

Email: You can submit your question to our technical support department by email, using the form on our site to submit your question. We will automatically propose some likely answers. If these don’t help, your question will be forwarded to our team. Emails are generally answered within 48 business hours. This is a free service. To access email support, please log in here:

If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one.

Live chat: Free technical support by live chat is also available every day. Open hours for chat are generally longer than those for phone support. To access live chat support, please log in here:

If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one using the provided link.

Phone: Please see the support flyer included with your product. All phone support calls will require an Avid Service Code.

Contacting support