The Presets Selector

Quickly setting up an attractive title is easy with the Title Editor’s Presets Selector. After entering your text, and with the text layer still selected, apply any of the preset Looks to it with a single mouse-click. To make it even easier, as you hover the mouse over any Look icon, the Edit Window previews the effect on your title of applying the Look to the current layer.

Even if you can’t find exactly the Look you want among the presets, you can often save time by starting with one that’s almost what you want, then tweaking it in the Look Settings subpanel.

Avid Studio image001 The Presets Selector

The Presets Selector, with the Looks tab selected. Clicking the name of one of the listed preset families opens a pop-down tray of icons.

To give your title some visual impact, there’s nothing like a bit of animation. Click the Motions tab of the Presets Selector. The three groups of presets available correspond to phases in the life of a layer.

Avid Studio image002 The Presets Selector

The Motion presets are categorized by the role they play in introducing the layer, displaying it, or removing it from view.

As with Looks, Motions can be previewed as they will appear in your title by hovering the mouse over any of the preset icons. Once your mind is made up, you can apply the chosen Motion with a single click.

ð Preset Motions

The Presets Selector