The Library

The Library appears in the Title Editor as a tabbed panel on the left side of the window. The tabs across the top give access to all the available media and content. This compact view of the Library is functionally the same as the main view.

For editing titles, the Library sections of interest are Photos, Video and Movie Projects.

Avid Studio image001 The Library

The compact version of the Library in the Title Editor provides the same comprehensive access to your media as the full version.

Adding Library media to a title

To add a video or photo to the title, drag it from the Library into the Edit Window. The new element is created at a default size where you drop it in the Edit Window. You can then move, resize or rotate it as you like.

To add a video or photo as a full-screen background for your title, drop it onto the background drop-zone of the Background Settings subpanel.

Avid Studio image002 The LibraryYou can also use a video or photo as the fill for the face, border or shadow of your text. To do so, first add a face, border, or shadow to your Look Settings using the add buttons (illustrated). Then drop your photo or video into the drop zone to the right of the Fill.

The Library