The Layer List

The Layer List, which occupies most of the bottom part of the Title Editor display, has two columns: one of layer headers, and one of timeline tracks. In each row, the header contains the name of the layer, and a visibility button. To the right of the header, the timeline track serves as a graphical editor for controlling the lifespan of the layer within that of the title as a whole, and the durations of any Motions that have been assigned to the layer.

Avid Studio image001 The Layer List

The left-hand portion of the Layer List contains the layer headers; to the right is an animation timeline where the timing of each layer, and of any Motions applied to them, is displayed and can be modified. (Only the leftmost portion of the timeline is shown here.)

If the title you are editing was opened from the Movie Editor or the Disc Editor, the Layer List timeline represent the current length of the clip. To modify it, return to the project timeline and trim the title there.

If the title was opened from the Library, and so is not bound to a clip in the project, its length can be edited in the Title Editor. Set the desired duration by entering a value directly into the duration counter at the right side of the timeline toolbar. All layers will be adjusted relative to the new duration.

In addition to the layer headers and timeline, the Layer List has a toolbar that is home to several important groups of controls.

ð Working with layer groups

The Layer List