Launching (and leaving) the Title Editor

The Title Editor can be invoked in two ways: by double-clicking any title in the Library or on your project timeline; or by clicking the Create Title button on the toolbar of the project timeline.

Keywords in title names

Some of the provided titles in the Library have transparent areas through which the content of underlying tracks will be visible. The names of these titles all contain the keyword ‘overlay’.

‘Full-screen’ titles have no transparent areas: they fully occupy the video frame. Their names contain the keyword ‘fullscreen’.

In the Library, you can easily view only the titles of one or the other type by searching on the appropriate keyword.

Tip: Other search keywords to try out with titles in the Library are ‘roll’, ‘crawl’, ‘name’ and ‘title’.

Closing the Title Editor

To close the Title Editor, use any of the following methods:

·    Click the OK button at the bottom of the Title Editor. If you opened the title from the Library, you will be prompted to save any changes to the title under a new name. If you opened the title from a timeline, your new or updated title becomes part of the current project.

·    Click on the Cancel button at the bottom of the Title Editor. Any changes you have made are discarded.

·    Click the Avid Studio image001 Launching (and leaving) the Title Editor button at the top right of the window. This is equivalent to clicking Cancel, except that if you have made changes you will be given an opportunity to save before closing.

Launching (and leaving) the Title Editor