The timeline track header

In the header area of the timeline are a number of controls affecting the arrangement and organization of the timeline tracks. Please see Audio on the timeline for information regarding audio functions such as track volume that are also controlled from the timeline header.

Avid Studio image001 The timeline track header

At the left end of the timeline are track headers with several controls per track: a lock button, the track name, and monitoring buttons for the track’s video and audio. Here the current default track is ‘Main’.

The all tracks area above the track headers offers controls similar to those found on each track header but with global effect: they apply to all tracks simultaneously, overruling the individual settings.

Default track

The orange vertical line to the left of the track header, together with a lighter background shade, identifies the default track. It provides a destination track for certain functions, including send to and paste. Newly-created titles and Scorefitter songs are also added on this track.

To make another track the default track, simply click anywhere within the track header boundaries other than on a button or other control.


Click the padlock buttons to protect a track from unintended edits. The same button in the all tracks area confers this protection on the whole project.

Track name

To edit the name of a track, click the name once to access the in-place editor, or select Edit track name from the track header context menu. Confirm your edit with Enter, or cancel it with Esc.

Video and audio monitoring

The video and audio buttons in the track header control whether this track contributes its video and audio to the composite output of the project. They support the many editing situations in which it is advantageous to block the output of one or more tracks in order to simplify the preview. The same buttons in the all tracks area toggle audio and video monitoring for the entire project.

Additional track functions

The following functions are available in the track-header context menu:

New track: You can insert a new track either above or below the existing track.

Delete track: Delete a track and all clips on it.

Move track: Drag the track header up or down to a new layer position. As you drag, a bright horizontal line appears at valid placements.

Copy track: Keeping the Ctrl key pressed while moving a track will copy the track instead of move it.

Track size: The context menu contains four fixed track sizes (Small, Medium, Large, Very large). For custom sizing, drag the separator line between the track headers to seamlessly adjust the height.

View waveforms: Toggle the waveform view for audio clips.

The timeline track header