Clip effects

Clip effects (also called filters or video effects) operate on one clip at a time. Effects are of many kinds, and vary widely in purpose. With keyframing, effect parameters can be arbitrarily varied throughout the clip.

To apply a specific effect to a clip, either locate it in the Effects section of the Library and drag it to the clip you want to enhance, or double-click the clip and select the effect from those offered under the Effects tab of the clip’s media editor.

Multiple effects can be applied to a clip using either or both of these methods. By default, multiple effects are processed for playback in the order they were added.

On the timeline, the upper border of any clip to which an effect has been applied is drawn in magenta. This clip effect indicator has its own context menu, which provides the Clipboard commands for cutting and copying effects between clips.

Double-clicking any clip opens it in its media editor, where effects may be added, removed or configured.

Clip effects