Clip context menus

Right-clicking a clip opens a context menu with commands appropriate to the item type. A video clip has a different menu than a title clip, for example. Some commands are shared between most or all types however. Differences of applicability are noted in the following descriptions.

Edit movie: Available only for movie (container) clips, this command opens the container in its own movie editor. The nested editor offers the same functions and areas as the primary one.

Edit title: For titles only, this opens the Title Editor.

Edit music: This command is for editing Scorefitter clips.

Edit montage: Edit a montage clip in the Montage editor.

Open effects editor: Opens the media editor for the clip, whatever its type, with the Effects tab selected. Montage, title and container clips are treated in the same manner as ordinary video clips.

Speed: This command opens the Speed Control dialog, where you can apply fast and slow motion effects to selected clips. This option is not available for containers.

Scaling: The first two options affect the treatment of clips that are not in conformance with the current timeline format when brought into the project.

·    Fit displays the image at its correct aspect ratio, and scaled as large as possible without cropping. Unused parts of the frame are treated as transparent.

·    Fill also maintains the aspect ratio of the image, but scales it such that there are no unused parts of the screen. Portions of the image will be cropped if the aspect ratios do not match.

To further fine-tune the scaling behavior of a clip, try pan-and-zoom.

·    Keep alpha, Remove alpha, Generate alpha: These commands apply to content with an alpha channel (specifying transparency pixel-by-pixel). Such alpha information can conflict with Avid Studio effects. The command isn’t available for pure audio clips.

Active streams: This command is available for disabling individual streams in clips containing both video and audio. It is typically used as an easy way to discard unneeded camera audio.

Adjust duration: Enter a duration numerically in the pop-up window. All selected clips will be trimmed to the duration requested by adjusting their out points.

Detach audio: In clips with both video and audio, this command detaches the audio stream into a separate clip on a separate track, allowing advanced editing operations like L-cuts.

Find source: This command opens the Library Browser at the folder containing the asset that is the source of the video, photo or audio clip.

Cut, Copy, Paste: Move or copy a selection of clips using Clipboard commands instead of drag-and-drop.

Delete: Delete the selected clip or clips.

Display information: Display properties of the clip and underlying media files in textual form.

Clip context menus