Editing movies

The first step in any movie editing session is to bring your project into the Movie Editor to begin work.

To launch a -new production: Choose File Ø New Ø Movie from the main menu. Before adding your first clip, make sure that the timeline video format will be right for the project (see below).

To edit an existing movie: Select a recent project from the File Ø Recent menu; click File Ø Open Ø Movie to browse for a movie project to open; or locate the movie you want to open in the Projects Ø Movies folder of the Library.

To open a Pinnacle Studio project: Choose File Ø Import previous Studio projects. Please note that some features of your Pinnacle Studio project may not be supported in Avid Studio.

Timeline settings

To start editing a new project, verify that the video format settings of your project – aspect ratio, frame-size and playback speed – are as you want them. You can choose in the Project settings tab of the application settings to set the values of these properties automatically by matching the first clip added to the project. You can also set them manually.

Depending on your timeline settings, clips in some formats might not be instantly playable. Such content will automatically be rendered in an appropriate format.

Establishing tracks

With only minor exceptions, timeline tracks in Avid Studio do not have specialized roles. Any clip can be placed on any track. As your projects become more complex, however, you will find it increasingly helpful to give some thought to the organization of tracks, and rename them according to their function in the movie.

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Editing movies