SmartSlide and SmartMovie

SmartSlide and SmartMovie are built-in project generators that allow you to create a slideshow or movie automatically based on media you supply. The created production will include animated transitions, a full music soundtrack and eye-catching image effects.

Avid Studio image001 SmartSlide and SmartMovie

At the bottom of the Library window, click SmartSlide for fast slideshows, or SmartMovie for fast movies.

To begin, select from the Library a series of photos (or other images) or video files. Your music might come from digital audio assets already in the Library, or you can cook up a soundtrack on the spot with the Scorefitter tool.

That might be all it takes, though you can work on the project further with manual editing if you wish. Once you have a final product you like, it takes only a few clicks to burn it onto a disc or save it as a file for other uses, such as upload to the web.

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SmartSlide and SmartMovie