Using the Importer

The very first step in importing is to open the Studio Importer by clicking the Import button at the top left of the screen.

Avid Studio image001 Using the ImporterThe Importer consists of a large central area surrounded by a number of smaller panels. One of these, the Import From panel at the top left of the display, has a pivotal role. It provides a list of device types that can serve as the source of your import operation. Your choice of input source in turn determines the rest of the Importer display. Above all, the set of controls and views offered in the central area for preview, browsing and selecting material depends on the chosen import type.

Avid Studio image002 Using the Importer

Here the Importer is configured for importing material from DVD. For disc sources, the central area lists the ‘chapters’ available for importing.

Importing can be regarded as a four-step process:

1.    Select the import source on the Import From panel.

2.    Confirm or adjust the settings on the other panels.

3.    Select material to import from the chosen source.

4.    Initiate the import operation.

At this point Studio begins transferring the requested audio, video and pictorial material from the source device to your hard drive (if necessary), using the locations set in the Import To panel. The media are then immediately added to the Library. Once the import operation is complete, the Importer returns control to the prior screen, from which you can access the imported files through the Library.

Using the Importer