Using Montage templates

Montage templates are stored in the Montage section of the Library, where they are grouped by theme. To use a template, simply drag its thumbnail to the project timeline from the Compact Library in the Movie Editor or the Disc Editor.

Avid Studio image001 Using Montage templates

To use a template, drag its thumbnail onto the project timeline. The numbers on the clip indicate that five subclips are available for customization.

Montage clips on the timeline can be trimmed and edited much like ordinary video. You can add transitions and effects, adjust their audio, and so on. For customizing the clip with your own content, however, a special editing tool is needed. This is the Montage Editor, which opens when a Montage clip is double-clicked on the project timeline. It can also be accessed with the clip context menu command Edit Montage.

The Montage Editor allows the user to customize a Montage clip by adjusting its built-in settings or specifying video and audio clips for it to use.

Avid Studio image002 Using Montage templates

The Montage Editor lets you specify template elements such as video or image clips, property settings, and text captions. Clips are added by dragging them from the editor’s Compact Library to drop zones below the Player. Here, a Library clip is ready to drop on the second zone. The clip will replace the igloo graphic now occupying the zone.

Template backgrounds

Avid Studio image003 Using Montage templatesSome templates have built-in graphical backgrounds, a selectable background color, or both. Many of these also provide a Background checkbox in the Montage Editor, which when checked makes the background transparent. This allows the template to be used on an upper timeline track over a background of the video or photo material on the tracks below.

ð Anatomy of a template

Using Montage templates