The Settings panel

The Settings panel provides a list of the effects that have been assigned to the current clip (whose name is given at the top). Click an effect name in the list to select it; this causes its settings to be displayed for inspection and editing in the parameters area below the list. Most effects also offer a dropdown list of preset parameter combinations.

Though a clip might have both Corrections and Pan-and-zoom in addition to effects, the Settings panel on the Effects tab does not list these. Turn to the other tabs to access the settings information for their tools.

When a clip has multiple effects, they are applied in the order they were added, which is the reverse of the order in which they are listed (new effects are added at the top of the list, not the bottom). To change the order, drag the effect header up or down in the list.

The right-hand end of the effect header has four buttons for operations related to that effect. From left to right they are:

Trash can: Remove the effect from the clip.

Diamond: Toggle keyframing for parameters of the effect.

Dot: Toggle the effect on and off. You can switch the effect off for comparison purposes without deleting it and losing your settings.

Drag handle: Use either this zone or the name area for dragging the effect up or down in the effect list when the clip uses multiple effects. As mentioned above, effects are applied in bottom-up order. In some cases, changing the order can dramatically affect the cumulative result.

Avid Studio image001 The Settings panel

The Settings panel: Here, three effects (Crop, Median, Lighting) have been applied to the current clip, as listed in the upper area. The Median effect has been selected (highlighted box), so its preset list and editable settings are available in the parameters area.

Modifying parameters

Parameters are organized into named groups of related controls. Click the expand/collapse triangle on the group header to open the group and access its parameters, or close it and conserve screen space. Numeric parameters are controlled by horizontal sliders, with a gray bar that you can drag horizontally to change the value. Double-click the bar to reset a particular parameter to its default value.

Most effects furnish a dropdown list of preset parameter combinations for fast selection of variants. Once a preset has been selected, you can customize it by editing the parameters if desired.

When you are finished with a media editor, and are ready to return to the timeline, click OK at the bottom of the window to approve your changes, or Cancel to abandon them.

The Settings panel