Video corrections

The correction tools within the Video Editor are Enhance, Snapshot and Stabilize.


The Enhance corrections for video are the same as those for photos and other images. See Enhance photos for details.


The snapshot tool enables you to acquire a single frame from a video and save it as a photo. Its controls are similar to those for the Crop correction for photos.

Selection Frame and Aspect Ratio: The frame for selecting an image cutout can be resized by grabbing its sides and corners, or dragged within the preview by grabbing it in the center.

Preview: Preview shows the selected cropped image without the snapshot tools. Press Esc or click once on the image to view the tools again.

Avid Studio image001 Video correctionsApply: The Apply button exports the cropped image as a JPEG file, then cancels cropping in the preview. Snapshots are stored in the library under My Pictures Ø Images”. You can find the new item by returning to the Library and clicking the special find added item button that is displayed temporarily on the Library footer bar. The new media file itself is created in:

[Registered User]My DocumentsMy PicturesImages

Clear and Cancel: Clear sets the selection frame back to its original setting (whole image), while Cancel exits snapshot editing without creating any new media.


Similar to the electronic stabilization in digital camcorders, this tool minimizes shake and jitter caused by inadvertent camera movement. When using this effect, the outer areas of the image are removed and a varying portion of the image is enlarged up to 20 percent in order to fill the frame.

Video corrections