Photo editing tools

These tools are located on the bottom bar of the Photo Editor. They are available for photos and other graphic images loaded from the Library only. Images opened from the project timeline do not have access to them.

Image rotation

Avid Studio image001 Photo editing toolsTwo rotary arrow icons are located to the left below the image preview. Click the icons to rotate a Library image either clockwise or counterclockwise in 90-degree increments.

Rotation is only available in the Photo Editor when a photo is opened from the Library. Clips opened from the project timeline can be rotated using the 2D Editor effect.


Avid Studio image002 Photo editing toolsWhen editing photos you can directly compare the original against the corrected version. The three available views can be accessed by the arrow at the right of the button.

Split image: The lower half of the preview displays the corrections. You can adjust the vertical position of the dividing line by dragging the center portion of the line up or down with the mouse. You can also divide the image diagonally by grabbing the line on either side and rotating.

Full image side-by-side: The right image shows the corrections.

Full image above and below: The lower image shows the corrections.

Photo editing tools