The Menu Editor

The Menu Editor shares most of its controls and usage with the Title Editor. The present section focuses on features particular to the Menu Editor.

Starting the editor

To open a menu in the Menu Editor, either click the Edit button on the Player while previewing the menu, or double-click it in the Menu List.

As with the Title Editor, when the Menu Editor opens, one line of text is already highlighted. To edit it, just start typing. To start editing a different line, click inside its text box and highlight the characters you want to change. To stop editing text, click on an empty area of the window.

The button cycle

One feature that differs between the Menu Editor and the Title Editor is the button cycle, a control also present in the Disc Editor. In both cases it is located on the right side of the toolbar, just above the timeline. Click the left and right arrows on the control to step through the active buttons in the menu, and make one available for editing.

Note: If you only want to edit text for the buttons on your menu, you do not need to enter the Menu Editor at all; instead, edit the button name directly in the button cycle control of the Disc Editor.

The Menu Editor