Timeline menu markers

The chapter buttons on a disc menu can be individually linked to any point on your movie’s timeline. In the Disc Editor, those points are indicated on the timeline by chapter markers on the Chapter Track, which is a specialized timeline track that materializes above the time scale when a first menu is added to your movie. (The track is removed again if all menus are deleted.) The caption of a chapter marker consists of the letter ‘C’ followed by the chapter’s sequence number in its menu.

Return markers, which mark automatic exit points from the timeline back to a disc menu, are also shown in the Chapter Track. The caption of a return marker is the letter ‘M’ with the sequence number of the target menu.

The color of chapter and return markers matches the Menu List icon color of the menu to which the markers are assigned. Markers can be repositioned on the timeline by dragging. See Timeline editing of chapter and return markers for details.

Avid Studio image001 Timeline menu markers

Dropping a menu onto an empty Menu List causes a chapter marker to be inserted at the start of your movie’s first clip (provided it has one) as the target of the menu’s Play Movie button. A return marker, marking an exit back to the menu, is placed at the end of the movie.

Timeline menu markers